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Kevin’s Hair Transplant Story

WILD 95.5/Clear Channel Radio Host, Kevin Rolston, Palm Beach County’s Leading Morning Radio
Personality Goes Live and Unedited with On-Air
Hair Transplant Procedure

Palm Beach, Florida…Never one to shrink from any material that is potentially fodder for his  radio show,  no matter how personal the subject matter may be, Palm Beach County’s top radio personality, Kevin Rolston, the head loony-tune of Clear Channel Radio’s “The Kevin, Virginia & Jason Show”  (that airs prime time morning drive,  6:00 AM to 10:00 AM, 95.5 on the FM listening dial), decided to take his listeners through the personal drama he had been experiencing concerning his hair loss and his plans to have a live on-air hair transplant procedure.

A “Hair Loss” Story 13-Years in the Making  — Kevin’s “Follicle Intervention”

“This story, this problem, my hair loss has been plaguing me for more than 13 years,” says Rolston, “I’m only 38, but started losing my hair when I was in my early 20’s,” he says in the good-natured self-effacing way that has attracted the largest listening audience in the West Palm Beach radio market. Says Kevin, “It’s finally time for me to have a ‘follicular intervention.’”

Rolston’s Initial Investigation into a Hair Transplantation Procedure

His search or a hair transplant surgeon led him to Dr. Alan J. Bauman, located coincidentally in Boca Raton, and remarkably coincidentally one of the world’s leading hair transplant physicians.  “I just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on the procedure back then,” says Rolston. Even though Rolston’s hairline began to recede, his ratings began to soar and according to Rolston being a radio disc jockey today means being able to work in all digital media and platforms, this includes internet, video and television.  With that in mind, Rolston points to his noggin. “My forehead has gotten bigger and I’m seeing more shiny scalp and less hair on my head, the time has come, and I’m just gonna do it.”

The Last Straw — Rolston’s “Monkey Butt” Pushes him over the Edge for Hair Transplant

What pushed Rolston to finally get a hair transplant?  Two things says Rolston. “I was at a baseball game and my radio partners, Virginia and Jason were there, just a few rows behind me unbeknownst to me, and they started making fun of the bald spot on the top of my head, the crown, as they call it in the medical field, but on the baseball field and then later in the radio control room they were calling it Kevin’s “monkey butt.” “Monkey Butt” is the inside industry phrase used to describe the thinning “crown” on the top of the head that looks very much like a – well, you get the point,” says Rolston. From then on my “monkey butt” became a major topic of conversation on the show and what got me thinking about a hair transplant.” Thirteen years later, Rolston went back to Dr. Bauman to see what could be done.

The Technology has finally made Hair Transplant Procedures Undetectable, Less Painful, More Practical

While Rolston lost 13 years and bunch of hair while waiting to get the procedure done, the good news is the technology has evolved to the point today that hair transplants are completely undetectable, they don’t involve stitches or linear scars at the back of the head.  Long gone are the days of “corn rows” or that pluggy “doll’s hair” look, the procedure is practically painless, there is virtually no downtime and Rolston says he can be at work the very next day.

Follow Kevin’s Hair Transplant on the WILD 95.5 Radio Station Blog

Every day, every week, from the time Kevin made the decision to get his hair transplant, through to the day of his procedure and even afterwards while his follicles take root and grow in, Kevin will be posting his most intimate thoughts about the suffering, the concerns, the issues he had with his receding hairline at such an early age and up through today, his anxieties and concerns about his hair loss, the mental machinations he went through when contemplating going through a hair transplant procedure and then finally what culminated in his decision.

Visit www.kevinshair.com for the latest details.

Click here to see ALL of Kevin’s Video for his hair transplant procedure.

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